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Systems help you step away from your business!

The easiest way to step away from your business is by automating it. And i don't mean hire robots to do your job, I mean create a system that allows others to do your job so you can take a step back.

By creating processes, policies and procedures, others no longer have to read your mind, they just read a document and follow their nose.

But writing processes can be daunting and overwhelming.

So I’ve attached a worksheet called “Creating Documented Processes”.

This work sheet is designed to help us delegate non value added / non billable hour tasks that are extraneous to our core competencies, i.e., core accounting tasks which is billable.

So many of us are reluctant to delegate work or certain job functions due to our hesitation to train others on how to complete the function properly.

Sometimes it’s because we don’t have “time” to train them and sometimes it’s because its “quicker for me to just do it then have someone else do it”.

The thing I love about the attached work sheet is that it:

  • Is Simple and easy to use

  • Is tried and tested (I used it many times while working in corporate and in my own businesses and still use it)

  • Literally helps you identify which tasks to focus on and which tasks not to

  • Is easy to have someone else implement it

  • Is a tangible worksheet

Once you have identified which simple task you can delegate, whether it's outsourcing to a 3rd party or internally, you can use the documented process to further instruct/direct them on how to perform that task once.

After their induction to the task, they can then refer to the documented process first instead of you, allowing you to eventually omit certain tasks from your day allowing you to free up time and working on other “money generating tasks”.

More than happy to jump on a call if you need help with the work sheet.

Hope this helps and please reach out to if you need anything else or visit our small business community on Facebook at

WorkSheet - Creating a documented process V1
Download PDF • 256KB

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