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Helping business owners focus on what they’re great at so they get a weekly day off #dayoffmentor

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Business owners, does this sound all too familiar?

Do you work for someone as an employee?

Do you have annual leave, sick leave, RDO’s, public holidays off, parental leave and weekends off?


You have it better off than a lot of business owners that don’t enjoy any of these benefits. The worse thing is, they quit their life style so they could enjoy more freedom, more money and more time off!

It’s scary to think a lot of business owners don’t enjoy the same privileges as employees do because they don’t believe it can be better once they’ve started their own business.

The problem is that most business owners don’t build, then implement, systems that will help their own business if they were to leave it for a period of time.

They also lack someone who will hold them accountable!

Business owners, are you picking up what I’m putting down???

Are you enjoying less privileges than someone who works as an employee?

Are you working on weekends while those who work for a boss take their boat out at their shack?

Are you working while you’re sick as a dog and stressing about who’s doing the “stuff” at work?

Are you working through public holidays while your mates are going camping for the long weekend ?

Are you working 7 days a week while your mates have taken a week off to shoot off to the Gold Coast with their family?

There is a better way!

You just can’t see it….

Need help with the obvious ?

Reach out and lets work out how we can enjoy more than someone who works for a boss!


I’d love to chat and see how I can help you focus on what you’re great at, so you get a weekly day off!

Think I can help?

 Contact me on 0402 640 169 or email me at

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